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Memories of when we were rescuing these cute joeys at the height of the 2019/2020 bushfires. It is incredible to see how far we have come with all the outstanding support and kindness from all of you. Starting with the 7 orphaned joeys on the "Kangaroo Couch" to a now rapidly growing number of rescues, as well as an ever-expanding sanctuary and wildlife centre.



One of our most emotionally heart-breaking but also rewarding experiences is the rescue of two bushfire orphans, Ellie and Eden.

These young girls were found in a scorched plantation during the devasting 2019/2020 Kangaroo Island Bushfires. They were found with their mothers, who were in terrible condition with their feet burnt to the bone sadly resulting in euthanasia. Even with their condition at the time, it didn't stop them from trying to protect their joeys and was an incredible sight to witness.

On a more positive note, Ellie and Eden were remarkably found healthy with no injuries. They were captured and have been at the Wildlife Sanctuary here at Kangala ever since, living a wonderful life on a path to a better future.