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Hello Kangala Family!

Looking to sponsor one of our rescues here at Kangala Wildlife Rescue or wondering why you should? Keep reading or click here to choose.

Why should I sponsor a rescue at Kangala?

At Kangala we run the sanctuary and provide the care our wildlife needs solely from donations, sponsorships and kindness of others and yourself! Without the support we receive from all of the generous people that are willing to make even a small donation, we would not be able to keep our rescue centre and sanctuary up and running, which means we would have to stop rescuing and caring for our current animals and any future animals that are in desperate need of our help. Every time we rescue an animal we save a life, whether their mother has been hit by a car and they have been left to die in the pouch, unable to help themselves, or their habitats destroyed by bushfires catching them in the middle leaving them with severe burns that need urgent treatment. The animals that were saved during the Kangaroo Island bushfires were the ones that were lucky enough to survive, the ones that weren't incinerated on impact, the fighters. When you sponsor one of our rescues you are making yourself somewhat of an aunty or uncle to them, you are providing the supplies they need to have a wonderful life, to keep fighting... to live. 

What do the funds from sponsorships go towards?

When you choose a sponsorship, you are creating a monthly payment of your chosen amount, which will then go to paying for and supplying anything the animals that are staying here need. Including; yards, enclosures, food (milk formula, grain, hay, water and supplements), bottles, teats, enrichment activities, vet bills, medical supplies, and medication etc. 

Who should I sponsor?

When making the decision on who to sponsor it is completely up to you, maybe have a look at our social media and support a rescue's story that you've followed closely, maybe one of our rescues has touched a special place in your heart more than others. Have you been following someone's journey but they aren't on our website yet? Contact us, we'd love to help you out!

Sponsor A Rescue

Have more questions about sponsorships or donations?

Email us and we will add the answers here.