Corah - Shooting Rescue (Sponsorship)

Corah - Shooting Rescue (Sponsorship)

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Help support Kangala! 

Included In Subscription:

Bronze: 1x Certificate (Email)
Silver: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 1x Kangala Gift
Gold: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 1x Kangala Gift, Regular Updates
Platinum: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 2x Kangala Gift, Regular Updates, Virtual Tour


[DESCRIPTION COMING SOON] - Follow her journey on our social media, by clicking here.

By sponsoring Corah you are contributing towards her and other rescue's food and supplies.

Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated by Corah and everyone here at Kangala Wildlife Rescue.

This purchase is a monthly recurring donation of an optional; AU$10 (Bronze), AU$25 (Silver), AU$50 (Gold), or AU$100 (Platinum).