GG - Bushfire Joey (Sponsorship)

GG - Bushfire Joey (Sponsorship)

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Help support Kangala! 

Included In Subscription:

Bronze: 1x Certificate (Email)
Silver: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 1x Kangala Gift
Gold: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 1x Kangala Gift, Regular Updates
Platinum: 1x Certificate, 1x Photo, 2x Kangala Gift, Regular Updates, Virtual Tour


GG was the most injured kangaroo joey on Kangaroo Island that survived his injuries after last summer's bushfire, he was the last joey we rescued and at the time had been alone and starving for up to 6 weeks. We found him in one of the burnt plantations, with no food or other animals in sight, weighing just 9kg with severe burns to his feet, paws, and tail. These burns to his feet have just about finished their healing process. - Which you can see more about on our social media, by clicking here.

By sponsoring GG you are contributing towards his and other rescue's food and supplies.

Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated by GG and everyone here at Kangala Wildlife Rescue.

This purchase is a monthly recurring donation of an optional; AU$10 (Bronze), AU$25 (Silver), AU$50 (Gold), or AU$100 (Platinum).